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Factors causing yellowing of nylon cable ties

Nowadays, nylon cable ties are more and more widely used. Everyone knows that nylon cable ties can roughly understand its quality from its appearance and color. Generally, the pure and clean color is probably a high-quality product, but many users have also found that after a period of time (about 1 month) after buying it back, there will be yellowing of the cable tie. Let me explain to you below. specific reason:

The first point: the material used

This is actually a relatively normal phenomenon. If the color caused by the material problem is yellow, you don’t have to worry about it. This is because the manufacturer deliberately chose a yellowish material, which does not affect the quality of the product.

The second point: processing technology
Nylon cable ties are made by injection molding of nylon 66. The temperature requirements of the injection molding machine when processing nylon 66 are within a certain range. If it exceeds the normal processing temperature or the baking time is too long, it will cause the product to yellow. The processed product There must be a problem. It is especially easy to break, everyone must pay attention to it before use.

Third point: processing after processing
The traditional process is that after the nylon cable tie product is injection molded, it is subjected to post-heat treatment (including: boiler boiling, boiler dry steaming), here everyone must pay attention to, after the product is processed, heat treatment should be carried out in time, otherwise it will be issued yellow. At present, the best way is to perform vacuum packaging immediately after injection (injecting a certain proportion of water at the same time), which not only looks good in color but also ensures the pulling force (do not open it before use).

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