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Nylon Cable Gland PG series


Bellows joint contains the general waterproof joint function, can be made of PE, PA and PP three materials extrusion molding, can be used to protect wire and cable from breaking, cutting and other mechanical damage.  


It has the advantages of good flexibility, good bending, acid resistance, wear resistance and so on. It is more suitable for protecting wire harness, wire and cable  

In some corners or bending wire protection.  


Features: internal lock and body special design, loading and unloading only need to plug, no tools.  


Usage: JF plastic bellows joint is a matching product of plastic bellows, which can be connected to the equipment box, or connected to the electric equipment with inlet and outlet as internal thread according to the selection of thread. Just insert the plastic bellows into the interface.  


Assembly and disassembly: plug the nylon hose into the connector.  When taking out, tighten the joint to the left and pull the hose to the right to take it out.