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What product is cable gland?


What product is cable gland?  Some purchase list written on the list is very simple, write a explosion-proof cable gland, in fact, also called explosion-proof cable sealing joint, cable explosion-proof glenhead, but the name is not the same, the product is the same.  They are all lead-in devices added on the cable, which play the role of waterproof, flameproof, dustproof, fastening and compacting the cable.  


There are several kinds of material to pledge commonly, the best is pure copper material pledges, slant because of the price nevertheless expensive a lot of, market share is not tall.  For example, stainless steel 304 and 316 are widely used by enterprises and individuals. They are suitable for most environments. Salt resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and so on.  There is a high price of brass nickel plating material, do not do explosion-proof requirements is nylon material, this will not be repeated.  


Explosion-proof cable gland structure has been designed according to the market demand, a variety of structural forms, a simple non-armored cable form, single seal form,  


Double seal form and armoured cone ring form.  Due to the installation of explosion-proof instrument boxes and explosion-proof equipment on site, some special gran head designs are always designed. Therefore, the gran head structures extended by each company are not quite the same, but they are all similar.  


We usually recommend the bad environment, it is must to use explosion-proof cable gland, like dust areas (wood shoulder, flour mills, cigarette factories, polishing workshop, etc.), corrosive environment (chemical industry, shipbuilding industry, chemical industry, etc.), as well as our daily access to the site (gas station, gas station, a LPG, etc.).  


Danger is always enveloping our environmental security, so we must strengthen the awareness of security, do not covet cheap, weak security awareness, it leads to a big mistake, always beware, alert.  Do not overlook small things, do not overlook complicated things, do not overlook urgent things, and do not overlook difficult things.