brass body cable glands

Welcome to customize, wholesale and buyof bulk brass body cable glands to our factory. We will provide you with the best quality service, affordable price and quotation and free samples for you. We are striving to become an expert and outstanding service suppliers and manufacturers in brass body cable glands.
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  • Zhechi is a professional manufactures of Brass Cable Gland. Our professional expertise in manufacturing Brass Cable Gland has been honed over the past 10+ years. Brass Cable Gland NPT series is a gland of a wire and cable, which is also a suitable cable for connecting the cable and also protects the cable, so it does not escape. The brass cable glands are placed in different categories depending on whether the glands are used in the general processing industry or need to be protected against the risk of excessive temperature or explosion. Into the glands of the cable armor or armor-free layer and a different type of gland will be required for the variety.